tania alfonso

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Project Overview

La Mer’s face massage tool was a collaborative projec created to promote and improve the skin through massage and acupressure techniques. Its distinctive curves are used to target different areas of the face. Zamac was the material chosen to produce the tool as is it is cool and smooth to the touch.                                                       


Extensive research was conducted in order to
understand face massaging, acupressure and Gua Sha (an Asian healing technique),
in order to develop the right massage regimen to be used along the La Mer serum
and provide the user a therapeutic experience. Several materials such as, ceramic, metals, bio-plastics, stones and others, were also explored within the reasearch to bring the tool to life.

Competitive analysis

An in depth analysis of existing tools was made from high end to inexpensive, exploring all possible materials in order to determine the right one for the target market.


Design revisions were made based on observations and user testing in order to finalize the design and move forward with mass production.

Final Design

DesignFinally the La Mer face masasge tool design project was concluded, material was selected and massage technique determined to be launched into the world